Here are some events and appointments which take place throughout the year in our area.

Carnival of Venice
The Carnival of Venice needs no introduction. The richness of the costumes, the elegance of the masks , the most beautiful city in the world as a frame, make it a unique event of its kind.
Hotel Conta is just an hour's drive from the lakeside capital, easily accessible by car or train. During the Venice Carnival it is really chaotic: our hotel can so become the ideal, quiet and relaxing base to reach the Serenissima.


Primavera del Prosecco
The Spring of Prosecco is the best known wine tourism event of Veneto and it offers to tourists and visitors a genuine rich experience. For those who love wine and the contact with nature, the Spring of Prosecco offers a unique opportunity to discover a land still little known and made famous by the most drank sparkling wine in the world: Prosecco Superiore di Conegliano and Valdobbiadene.


cantin-aperteLast weekend of May
Cantine Aperte
Open Wineries is the most important wine tourism event in Italy. Besides the chance to taste wines and buy them directly from the company, you can enter in the winery to discover the secrets of wine making and refining. There are a lot of wineries from Treviso participating and that will open their doors to make appreciate the Prosecco Superiore and other fine wines from the hills between Valdobbiadene and Conegliano.


pievediseraTuesday of July
Pieve di Sera
It's the event which marks the summer evenings of Pieve di Soligo since 2000. Every Tuesday in July - and on August 1st - the town comes alive with performances, concerts, exhibitions, cultural and artistic events distributed between the squares , the streets , the gardens of the historic center. It's an event that closely touches the Hotel: in the Court of Caneve, the beautiful square next our building , there are concerts and shows.


lagofestSecond half of July
Lago Film Fest
Lago Film Fest is a festival of short films, documentaries and screenplays that takes place since 2005 in Revine Lake, about ten kilometers from the hotel. The peculiarity of this festival , which makes it unique , is that the projections take place in the squares and courtyards of the historic center of the village overlooking the lake. And the main screen is literally in the water, a few meters from the shore , from which viewers can enjoy movies and the beautiful night scenery.


Artigianato Vivo
Artigianato Vivo is one of the most expected summer event throughout the region Veneto, able to catalyze a growing number of visitors and tourists, lovers of crafts and industry experts, artists and intellectuals from all over Italy. In the days of the event Cison Valmarino, a charming town which is a few kilometers from the hotel , becomes the real capital of Crafts where tradition, art and folkrore meet.


calici-stelleUntil August 10th
Calici di Stelle
The Night of the Shooting Stars , in the Italian squares and wineries, wine enthusiasts are protagonists of the most expected toast of the summer . Wine and cultural offer , together with the magic of the territories under the stars , are the winning combination of the event , in a formula that combines the philosophy of good wine with events, shows , art and design . In our land of Prosecco Superiore , "Calici di Stelle" takes place in the frames of the Castle of Conegliano and the Castle of San Salvatore in Susegana , a few kilometers from the hotel.


Festa del Marrone di Combai
Every autumn, uninterruptedly since 1945, there is the Festa del Marrone IGP di Combai. In one of the most beautiful villages in the foothills of Treviso we celebrate the most important seasonal fruit of autumn, the chestnuts , picked up in the woods and chestnut trees that grow around the village. During the festival you can enjoy fantastic dishes of tasty fruit, washed down with a good glass of Prosecco or Verdiso.

san-martinoThe following weekend in San Martin (November 11th)
Cantine Aperte in San Martin's day
It's the appointment of autumn of the Wine Tourism Movement , with the intent to share with many fans the joy of tasting exceptional wines from the last harvest , combined with seasonal products . It's with this spirit that the wineries welcome visitors between tastings , lunches with the winemaker and many activities until sunset , in the season that offers the best fruits and flavors of the years.


Christmas street markets
Even in our area takes place the Christmas Street Market . The most beautiful and picturesque are undoubtedly those of Follina and Cison, two lovely towns in the foothills of Treviso Alps, a few kilometers from the hotel .
Here , in a frame made of narrow streets , squares , rivers and old stone houses , you can stroll among the stalls of skilled craftsmen which make original and precious gifts for our loved ones.



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Where we are

Hotel Contà is located in the historical center of Pieve di Soligo.
The Hotel is located fifteen kilometers from the A27-A28 motorways. The nearest railway station is Conegliano (12 km).
The nearest airports are Venice "Marco Polo" and Treviso "Canova".
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On going events

The territory in which the Hotel Contà is located offers a rich calendar of cultural, artistic and food & wine events.
Here you will find a selection of the most significant events that take place throughout the year.